General Osteopathic Technique (GOT)

Dates 18-21 May 2025
Instructor Pierre Vey
Price Early Bird (Full payment by 31 Jan 2025) RM 4800
Full Fee RM 5300
Phone +012-2382883
Venue FN Harmony
Address 72-2, Fraser Business Park,
Jalan Metro Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

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Course Highlights:

  • Orderly and coordinate sequence of articular long lever techniques, allowing the diagnosis and the treatment of the zones of spinal and peripheral limitations by mobilisation of joints and relaxations of soft tissues.
  • GOT addresses all parts of the patient's body passively laid in supine prone side position, successively and bilaterally.
  • Originally, the GOT emphasised the spinal axis and the head and limbs were not considered.
  • Pierre Vey improved it by adding in the extremities component.
  • GOT is a global approach inside which specific techniques can be applied.
  • Its ultimate aim is physiological with the recovery of the homeostasis

Indications For GOT Treatment:

  • Usable even without any precise indication, because assessment & treatment are done simultaneously and holistically on principle.
  • Frame of healthcare in which the specific techniques can find their place.


  • Elders with multiple pains
  • Sportsmen: preparation and recovering
  • Disabled, or any person needing to be mobilised (maintain flexibility, raise vitality level)


  • CHRONIC CASES:  Treatment must be general (fight against compensations).
  • ACUTE CASES:  Specific or partial treatment can increase symptoms (painful zone).


  • Regulation of elimination,
  • Neurological system: Articular work: effects on mechanoreceptors, CNS integration
  • Circulatory system (blood and lymph): Avoids stasis by softening soft tissues; T4-L3: vasomotrocity, visceromotricity, proximity of IVC & aorta 


All manual therapists who are intended to learn the approach of mobilisation through osteopathic approach.