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  • Visceral Manipulation

    Visceral Manipulation

    Visceral Manipulation (VM) is a modality that assists functional and structural imbalances throughout the body including musculoskeletal, vascular, nervous, urogenital, respiratory, digestive and lymphatic dysfunction. It is an organ specific fascial mobilization technique that evaluates and treats the dynamics of motion and suspension in relation to organs, membranes, fascia and ligaments. Tissue tension lines can cause pulls on the musculoskeletal system. By connecting with these tissue tension lines to facilitate release, VM is often the missing link in chronic orthopedic dysfunctions that have not responded to standard rehabilitation protocols. 

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  • Neural Manipulation

    Neural Manipulation

    How Does Neural Manipulation Help You? Visceral Manipulation techniques can affect the movement apparatus and vice versa. It is important to note that the release of sensitive nerve buds can have a favorable effect on the functioning of the corresponding visceral organs. The neural manipulation is involved in all body functions and without neural control certain visceral activity cannot be maintained. The stimulation of nerves is processed centrally and reported back to the body as feedback. This sequence of responses functions providing no interference (fixation) is present.

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