Dates 27-29 May 2025
Instructor Eric Marlien
Price Early Bird RM 5500 (Included a device) 
Full Fee RM 6000
Phone +012-2382883
Venue FN Harmony
Address 72-2, Fraser Business Park,
Jalan Metro Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

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(Vagus Nerve Advanced Techniques, Emotional Connections, Brain and Energy Centers)

Pedagogic Objectives

The objectives of this class are multiple:

  • Deepen the concept of central regulation in connection with the vagus nerve;
  • Expand our diagnostic means;
  • Acquire new therapeutic options;
  • Understand the close links between balance, psychosomatic decompensations and the regulations of the autonomic nervous system;
  • Learn techniques for internal; regulation of our emotional balance, useful for both the therapist and the patient.


  • Revision and deepening of the concepts covered during the VNANS class : Q&A

-Precision on the indications and adverse effects of the treatment protocol - New respiratory technique

  • Heart Rate Variability Records: Accuracy and objectivity of measurements, better monitoring of patient health over time, speed and ease of measurements in 4 minutes, all with a free analysis software.

- Electrophysiology of the heart

- Task Force 1996 markers: time domain, frequency domain - Reference values

- Practice: recordings and case analysis

  • The different levels of palpation and tissue listening:

- Centering of the practitioner of the diagnosis

- Research of joint, physiological and energetic dysfunctions

- Search for reactive reflex points related to the autonomic nervous system

  • Study of the energetic body; structure, functions and dysfunctions


  • Presentation of the vital energy centers; the marmas
  • Treatment of marmas (all techniques proposed are carried out with the hands on contact with the skin):

- Centering of the practitioner for the treatment - Treatment of secondary and minor centers

- Energy triangle techniques

  • Neurosciences: body awareness and chronic pain (Pain and the Triple Network Model)
  • Meditation: Brain cleaning
  • The Brain

- Hemispherical asymmetries

- Blockages of laterality

- Blockages of the corpus callosum

- Palpation of the different levels, listening to the circulation and rhythms of the skull & brain

- Palpation of the different levels, search for areas of brain dysfunction


  • The adrenal glands, glands of activation and response to stress, Test and correction!
  • The pulse as a diagnostic tool: the autonomic vascular signal - Cranial and vertebral test

- Organ test

- Ear points test

  • Meditation: Heart Radiation
  • Affects, emotions and psychosomatic phenomena, decompensation and fixations
  • The disidentification exercise: how to take a step back with the problems of our ego
  • The solar plexus, chamber for decompensating negative emotions. Energy and transfer techniques
  • Meditation: Activation of being


  • A heart rate monitoring device (included in the fees)
  • Download the Elite HRV application on your smartphone (available for free on Playstore or Applestore).
  • Download and install the Kubios software on your computer (free standard version, but you have to create an account). Here is the link to get the software: