Manual Articular for Upper Limbs


New Manual Articular Approach (formerly Global Joint Treatment) is a manual therapy modality that applies a comprehensive approach to the treatment of joints.

Dates 24-26 March 2021
Instructor Mark Bloomberg
Price RM4400
Early Bird RM3800
Venue Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Address 72-2, Fraser Bussiness Park,
Jalan Metro Pudu, 55100, Kuala Lumpur

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Course Outcomes

  • Identify in detail the anatomy and biomechanics of the shoulder and elbow.
  • Describe typical pain patterns that arise from dysfunction of these joints, and how they relate to the nerves, vascular system, viscera, muscles, and connective tissue.
  • Demonstrate evaluation methods and treatment techniques to facilitate normal functioning of these areas.
  • Describe and demonstrate how to evaluate each major joint to determine its primary dysfunction, as well as the anatomical or physiological systems that are contributing to the dysfunction.
  • Describe and demonstrate how to treat the anatomical or physiological systems that contribute to the primary dysfunction of each joint.
  • Discuss practical integration into treatment sessions.

Explore such indications as clinical pain, sprains, arthrosis, and inflammation in a brand new way.


This course is intended for licensed manual practitioners or for students nearing completion in their studies to become a manual practitioner, with palpation skills and experience as well as anatomical knowledge.

VM1 or LT1 Is recommended.

Required Reading

New Manual Articular Approach - Upper Extremity by Jean-Pierre Barral, DO & Alain Croibier DO, MRO (F). (Released in 2016)

Useful anatomy books suggested

  • Atlas of Human Anatomy by Frank Netter, MD, and/or
  • A Regional Atlas of the Human Body by Carmine Clemente.

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